Mike McInnes

Contemporary / Lyrical Choreographer

The Landing Dance - Mike McInnes

Mike is an international dance teacher and choreographer, well known for his innovative choreography, and strong technical background.

As a dancer Mike has worked in many aspects of the dance industry including television such as being a dancer on ABC’s “Kyle XY” and commercials for the Sci-Fi channels “Eureka” and Virgin Mobiles “Random Acts of Love”. Industrials such as the “MARNA Convention”, “Envy My Music” and “Disco Fever” put on for Electronic Arts. Mike has also enjoyed working on cruise ships, he was a dancer for Royal Caribbean International, and a dance captain for Celebrity Cruise Lines.

As a Teacher Mike is extremely dedicated to constant growth and learning. He has spent time studying Exercise Science, Anatomy and Bio-Mechanics, learning a great deal about improving body alignment and posture. Combining this information with his constantly growing knowledge of dance technique, he has created his own unique methods for training dancers in a more efficient and effective way. As a Choreographer Mike has worked all across Canada and Australia, recently Mike has returned from Australia where he had the pleasure of working with Sydney Dance Company Studios, as well as ED5 International. He was also selected to be a contributing choreographer for the Australian Dance Association’s update of their Contemporary syllabus, and his work is now taught throughout Australia.

Mike views artistry as being one of the core values of dance, he is constantly encouraging dancers to find their own voice and let out their inner artist. As a Teacher and Director, Mike draws on his knowledge and experience, bringing much information about the professional world into his classes. His goal is to create dancers with the perfect balance between artistry, athleticism, and technique while giving them the tools they need to succeed no matter what path they choose.