Focuses on the Dancer’s Mental, Emotional and Physical Evolution

Competitive Program

The Landing Dance - Semi Professional

The Competitive program is for dancers aged 7-17 who want to experience technical training with performance opportunities. The specialized classes encourage discipline, hard work, creativity and fun. This program includes classes in Jazz, Modern, and Ballet (ISTD exam optional) all within a 2-day a week schedule.

Company Program

The Landing Dance - Professional

Dancers ages 9+ are eligible to audition for the Company Program. This program is for dancers who want to put in not only the effort, but also the time to achieve excellence in the art that they love. Dancers train intensely throughout the year. While the commitment required for this program is significant, the increased ability and range, technical mastery and sense of fulfillment obtained from the Company program make the effort worthwhile. Dancers will participate in classes such as Ballet, Modern, Contemporary, Jazz, Pointe, Stretch, Tap, and Improvisation. Expected hours of commitment range from 8-14 hours per week. An audition is required for placement in this program. Company Program dancers are afforded the opportunities to perform in various performances and competitions throughout the community including our year end show of Dance Vancouver.

Half Day Professional Training Program

The Landing Dance - Half Day Professional

Want Even More Dance? The Landing Dance Centre offers a Half Day Professional Training Program opportunity for dancers who have a strong desire to pursue dance as a career, and arrange their school/dance schedule accordingly. Our Half Day Professional Training Program combines a half day of regular secondary school studies with an equal period of intensive dance training, providing required credits for graduation.