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7 Tips for Keeping It Cool Under Pressure

Shortage of breath, having to pee a million times, sweating, tummy grumbling. Stage fright! We’ve all been there Maybe for you it was before a first date, a public speaking engagement, or a bungee jump! As a professional dancer, my knees have literally shaken while I was waiting in the wings and my heart has... View Article

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A Week in the Life of a Pro Dancer

People ask me sometimes whether I am too busy with school and dancing. Life as a Pro dancer in Level 1 at The Landing, I dance 3 times a week after school for 3 -4 hours and usually have at least one private lesson on the weekends. Committed dancers are busy, there is no doubt,... View Article

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Growing Up as a Dancer

I began training at The Landing in 2008 at the age of 12. Throughout the years I have spent here, I have grown not only as a dancer but also as a person. Dancing at The Landing has taught me the importance of hard work, commitment, and communication with others, and I have made some... View Article

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