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7 Tips for Keeping It Cool Under Pressure

Shortage of breath, having to pee a million times, sweating, tummy grumbling. Stage fright! We’ve all been there Maybe for you it was before a first date, a public speaking engagement, or a bungee jump! As a professional dancer, my knees have literally shaken while I was waiting in the wings and my heart has... View Article

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Give The Gift of Ballet

Whether your child is destined for a career on stage as a professional dancer or simply wants to expand their repertoire of artistic – there are many developmental advantages that come from training in ballet. Here are 6 excellent reasons why you should consider giving your child the gift of ballet: Solid Foundation The skills... View Article

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Importance Of Proper Dance Attire

Now that you have decided which dance class your child is going to take, you must now prepare them to dress the part. There are many dance classes that allow freedom of choice in dance attire, but most reputable dance studios will have specific dress codes in place for their dance students. You should check... View Article

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