Half Day Professional Training Program

tailored to dancers who have a strong desire to pursue dance education

Half Day Professional Training Program

You do not need to want a career in dance to pursue the training program, simply a passion to dance more!

The half day program is suited to those who:

  • Want to do equal training in dance and academics
  • Want more performance opportunities
  • Want to have a wider education and explore more styles of dance
  • Want more creative freedom
  • Considering a future career in the arts or dance

Dancers who apply should be in Grades 8-12 for our Half Day Program.

Our Half Day Professional Training Program offers passionate dancers the creative freedom to develop their skills and abilities in a safe, fun and rewarding environment.

Dancers who participate in the program will be able to dance 20+ hours per week with a number of these hours being conducted during the day to allow for a more balanced lifestyle. Dancers will attend their usual schooling during the morning and the studio during the afternoon.

The program will offer the dancers the opportunity to train intensively in classic styles but also to experience other genres of dance, work with specialized teachers and let their imagination run wild with improvisation.

Performance is a large part of the half day program and dancers who participate will be given heightened opportunities to perform.

Participants are given the chance to interact with the dance industry from a young age learning various transferable skills and helping them gain an all- around immersive experience.

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