grouped by age to allow dancers to learn with their peers

Recreational Division

The classes within our Recreational Division are grouped by age to allow our dancers to learn with their peers. These programs are geared toward stimulating the love and fun of dance, while at the same time introducing the importance of structure, proper technique and teamwork. We strive to keep our class sizes small (4-12 students) so that each dancer can receive the individual attention they deserve.

Class format is normally divided into two portions. The first half of a class will focus on warm up and technique, while the latter half concentrates on choreography that will eventually be presented in the year-end show.

Participation in the year-end show provides our students with a goal to work toward; it also teaches our dancers the importance of time management and meeting deadlines within their daily lives. No audition is necessary to participate in Recreational Division classes.

Dance with us as we celebrate our 10th Anniversary

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