3 Benefits Of Attending Our Summer Dance Camp In Vancouver

June 18, 2020 at 4:00 AM

There’s no better time than summer to improve your skills by taking new and exciting dance classes. Summer is the most opportune time to step out of your comfort zone and learn a new, or seldom practiced, concentration of dance. Dancers who have a concentration in one style of dance, like ballet, can benefit greatly from trying out a different discipline and testing the limits of their versatility. While it may pose a frustrating challenge at first, over time a dancer’s depth of experience will prove to be a beneficial talent that few others will boast. Below we discuss some of the benefits of learning multiple styles.

Build coordination.

The more comfortable you are with different styles of dance, the better your coordination will be when you return to your concentration. Just like any other art form, the more versatile you are, the better you will be at your specialization. Painters who are renowned abstractionists practice other styles like landscape painting to improve their style, challenge themselves, and grow as artists. As a result, the artist’s hand will be twice as steady and swift the next time he takes to his easel, just as a ballerina’s leg will be twice as graceful the next time she steps on stage.

Musicality and agility.

We all know ballet is most traditionally performed to classical music. However, if ballerinas were to dance to other forms of music and perform other forms of dance, their skills would double as overall artists. The muscles used to perform tap may, in some cases, overlap with those used in ballet, but different dance forms often exercise muscles that you may not have used as frequently. If you are primarily a ballerina, growing accustomed to dancing to faster music used in jazz, hip hop, or tap will improve your agility and longevity on stage.

Improved sense of rhythm.

Music has all sorts of different varieties and distinct styles that make it one of the most diverse and constantly evolving art forms. Dance is not far off. In fact, dance generally follows similar trends in music, and the two work in tandem to create one beautiful spectacle. A dancer’s sense of rhythm is the most important and essential skill to develop, especially at the developmental stages. Dancing to different types of music while practicing new styles of dance can greatly improve your sense of rhythm, and your ability to transition between steps.

We offer professional dance classes throughout the summer to help improve the skills of our talented dancers. Ballerinas Who Tap, a program for ages 3-6, was created alongside our many other classes to provide diversity in our studio, and to expose our students to new styles of dance. We believe that both experienced and novice dancers can both benefit from learning a new style, and will ultimately improve their skills in the long term. In addition to Ballerinas Who Tap, we offer our summer workshop series, our summer intensive, and many more exciting classes geared toward improving your skills as an artist. Hope to see you there! Please reach out to us today if you have any questions or comments.