3 important tips to prepare for ballet classes

June 8, 2022 at 4:00 AM
Black Swan performance live at Immerse in 2017.

Are you considering registering for a ballet classes? There are plenty of good reasons for you or your child to join one, no matter your current skill level; it’s a fine art that, with the help of the right instructors, you can learn to perform at a higher level than you might expect. While taking ballet classes is worth your time, though, you also need to do your research ahead of time to get a sense of what you can expect from your sessions and how to prepare accordingly.

Whether you or your child has recently signed up for ballet classes, it’s important to be as prepared as possible before your first session. When it comes to what you’ll need, there’s plenty to consider; having the right clothing on hand is, of course, the most tangibly important step you can take, but mental and emotional preparation for class can be just as important. Staying in the right mindset can help you overcome obstacles or problems you may face and help you take your skills even further.

So what exactly should you do? What clothing or equipment will you need to purchase before starting your classes, and what state of mind should you be in as you begin your lessons? These questions are best answered by the instructor you’ll be learning from, but there are general tips you can take into consideration ahead of time that will help you. We’ll cover those tips in this blog post.

Make sure you’ve chosen the right class for you

The best preparatory step you can take prior to class is, of course, to make sure you’re taking the class that makes the most sense for you. But what does this mean in practice? Generally, it means that you should take a class that properly suits your current skill level. Aside from age, of course, experience is what primarily plays a role in this decision. Make sure you review the available information about classes you’re considering and talk to an instructor before your start date to make sure your experience level and the demands of the class are appropriately aligned.

Put a suitable wardrobe together for class

The most important piece of your wardrobe for starting ballet classes at any level is your pair of ballet shoes. There isn’t just one type of shoe; several variations exist, including full-sole, split-sole, demi-pointe, and pointe shoes. Your choice of shoe will likely go hand-in-hand with your experience level and the class you choose to sign up for; for example, while full-sole shoes are often an excellent choice for beginners, pointe shoes are generally reserved for much more experience dancers, will split-sole and demi-pointe shoes falling within the middle of this range.

Get into the right mental space before class

Are you signing up for ballet classes with a particular goal in mind, like dancing professionally, or are you simply looking for a recreational skill that you’d like to develop for your personal fulfillment?

No matter what the exact goal is, it’s important to stay focused on it as you begin and progress through your classes, but even more importantly, you must learn to accept and enjoy the process of learning. You will encounter obstacles and points of particular difficulty along the way, but if you can learn to accept these challenges and find pleasure in the act of honing the art of ballet, you’ll find that the progress you’re looking for will come in due time.

If you haven’t yet signed up for a ballet class and are trying to get a sense of what you’d need to take into account before starting, the Landing Dance Centre may have the answers you’re looking for. We offer ballet classes at various age and experience levels to help you start or continue exploring the fine art of ballet and develop your skills at an appropriate pace. Contact us for more information or sign up for a free class now to give us a try!