4 Reasons Why You Should Take Contemporary Dance Classes

August 6, 2020 at 4:00 AM

If you’re an aspiring dancer with a drive to improve and master a wide array of different techniques, taking contemporary dance classes can help expose you to almost every school. Contemporary dance combines the different elements of jazz, classical ballet, lyrical, and modern together to formulate an art form that touches upon the most expressive artistic practices. If you’re looking to take the next step in your dance career, we lay out some of the essential reasons why you should start practicing contemporary dance.

Develop new physical skills.

Contemporary dance exposes you to a wide array of different movements that exercise different muscles that most dancers seldom use. The physical skills and training habits that dancers will develop are proven to help gain poise, confidence, emotional stability, and even help sharpen creative thinking skills. These critical skills will also overlap into the other areas of dance that you will practice throughout your career and help you to improve your technique in many different areas.

Improves self-expression.

Contemporary dance helps students to improve their creative thinking skills and process emotion into physical spectacles that any audience will enjoy. Through avid practice, students can find ways to access their emotions and turn them into compelling art. For dancers who are inclined to be shy on stage or seem to lack an artistic voice, contemporary dance will help render a stronger sense of expressive and emotional confidence.

Improves your stage presence.

An audience does not respond well to awkward movements or a shy show. It is vital for performing dancers to develop a strong stage presence that takes hold of the audience and keeps them captivated throughout the show. Contemporary dance helps students to gain confidence when leading with their emotions and the ability to trust in their own self-expression to adequately convey the message they’re trying to give. This is a critical skill that all dancers should strive to master in order to continually advance their artistic pursuits. Ultimately, self confidence is the most riveting spectacle on stage and a crucial element to the performance that the audience will notice.

Improves your general health.

Both in a physical sense and mentally, contemporary dance is great for your health. Dancing in an expressive, freestyle fashion can help reduce stress because it helps balance out your emotions. As a result, students will experience significantly less anxiety, depression, and have a more heightened mood. On a more obvious note, the expressive movements and physical skill that it takes to perform contemporary dance helps strengthen your muscles and provides ample exercise.

The Landing Dance Centre is the perfect place for dancers of all skill levels to grow! We recognize and encourage all of our dancers to refine their skills both as artists and people. Our team of skilled instructors helps pull the inner talent out of students and render it into mastery. We believe that training the whole person begins with an acknowledgement of where each individual currently stands, and from there we can create a path that will lead them to success.

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