A Vancouver Dance Studio with a Difference - The Landing Dance Centre

January 21, 2020 at 5:00 AM
by The Landing Dance Centre

Some want a place that offers dance classes so that their children can have a fun activity to round out their schedule.

Others seek out an opportunity. Their child has a passion and drive for dance and needs an environment that can nurture development and growth.

For those with a love and serious ambition for dance, The Landing Dance Centre provides an educational experience and an encouraging atmosphere with a proven track record of helping students fulfill their potential.

Who We Are

Our dedicated and experienced faculty have provided one of the best dance education experiences in Vancouver for over a decade. Along the way, we have expanded our facility to include six separate dance spaces in our spacious and inviting studio.

Unlike some other studios, we used a professional design team to create optimal surroundings for teaching and learning dance, as opposed to simply repurposing industrial space.

What We Do

Our dance studio specializes in building dancers from the ground up. Regardless of age or level of experience, our teachers can combine aspirations and effort to create a successful dancer with a varied skill set.

From preschool through the teenage years, The Landing Dance Centre’s classes teach the foundations of dance. We then guide each dancer along their own path, continuing to teach the basics while also encouraging creative and individual development.

What Sets Us Apart Are Our Values

Like most organizations, our core values define our mission and approach to the dance community. We seek to develop talents and skills that advance individual dancers and also contribute to Vancouver dance culture as a whole.


Our team always strives for growth, both individually and collectively. Art never remains in one place but remains subject to influences from all over. We strive to stay abreast of contemporary and modern dance developments so as to provide the fullest possible experience for our students.


We encourage our students to stand strong and proud as both performers and human beings. Doing your best and doing what is right are twin paths toward leaving a positive legacy for others to follow.


While we often compete as individuals, we develop more successfully when we work together. Our dance classes emphasize collaboration between students to promote learning from each other, as well as faculty.


Professionalism and top quality levels of training demonstrate our commitment to providing the best. We work intensively with every dancer to make sure that they develop in proper and positive ways.


Our respect for students and their families is grounded in transparency and integrity. Whether in or out of the studio, we are accountable for actions and responsible for your child’s welfare while in our care.


While we teach foundations and basic dance skills, we also encourage our students to explore the limits of creativity. Having the freedom to move within the genre unlocks each dancer’s full potential.

Reach Out Today

Ready to join our extensive and growing community at The Landing Dance Centre? We look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions or wish to enter your child into a class, please contact us today.