Why beginner dance classes and trial sessions are so awesome

January 4, 2022 at 7:00 AM
Why beginner dance classes and trial sessions are so awesome

There’s always a risk associated with starting a new class or program, especially with kids. You never know if they’re going to enjoy an extracurricular activity like dance or sports, so it’s nice to have the option of a trial session. At The Landing Dance Centre, we offer beginner dance classes on a trial basis so you can let your child dip their toes in to test the water rather than get fully immersed in the course without making an immediate major financial commitment. Learn more about what makes trial classes awesome by reading our guide below.

Gives the first impression of dance

Dance is a great way to help your kids learn body control and movement while encouraging activity. Kids often have a lot of energy, and dance is a great way to help them release some energy that gets pent up from a long day at school or having to spend time indoors when they get home. A beginner trial session gives your child their first impression of dance so they can see what the classes are like.

Get a feel for the studio

A new classroom can often be intimidating for kids, and a dance studio is no different. A trial session will give your child a chance to get a feel for the dance studio and learn the new environment. Coming to check out the studio with no commitment will help to let your child see the class for what it is, rather than focus on an unfamiliar place.

Learn new terminology

There’s always going to be terminology unique to a specific activity. Every style of dance, sport, or hobby has words that newcomers will be unfamiliar with at first. A trial class is an excellent way for your child to see what it’s like to learn terminology related to dance, so it’s not an entirely new experience should they want to continue taking more classes.

Learn a new dance style

It’s normal to get comfortable with something we’re familiar with, and dance styles are no different. You can help introduce your child to new dance styles with trial sessions so they can see what it’s like to make a switch from ballet to tap or hip-hop to ballet. If they decide this new style isn’t right for them, there’s no long-term commitment to which either of you has to stick.

See if your child likes to dance

One of the best reasons to have your child do beginner dance classes with a trial session is to see if they like to dance to begin with. While we love to dance and believe there are many ways kids can benefit from learning how to dance, we also understand that not everyone will enjoy it. Find out whether or not your child enjoys dancing with a trial lesson before making a major commitment with your time and money.

Lets you know your child belongs

Trial classes are as important for kids as they are parents. Not every dance studio is the same, so you might prefer one over another. Take the time during the trial class to learn more about the studio, including the teachers, policies, available dance styles, and available age groups for lessons. A trial class is your chance to see if you like how you and your child fit with the studio.

Book a class today

If you’d like to get your child into beginner dance classes, enroll in a trial lesson to give them a chance to try it out. We offer a variety of classes that will give your child an opportunity to test the waters of dance at The Landing Dance Centre without making a long-term commitment. You can learn more by calling 604-325-8653 or sending a message using our online contact form. If you’re ready to sign up, use our form to book a trial class today.