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7 Tips for Keeping It Cool Under Pressure

Shortage of breath, having to pee a million times, sweating, tummy grumbling. Stage fright! We’ve all been there Maybe for you it was before a first date, a public speaking engagement, or a bungee jump! As a professional dancer, my knees have literally shaken while I was waiting in the wings and my heart has... View Article

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Give The Gift of Ballet

Whether your child is destined for a career on stage as a professional dancer or simply wants to expand their repertoire of artistic – there are many developmental advantages that come from training in ballet. Here are 6 excellent reasons why you should consider giving your child the gift of ballet: Solid Foundation The skills... View Article

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Jazz 101

Jazz dance is a style of modern dance which is highly energetic, allowing dancers’ freedom of movement and individuality. The Jazz type of dancing is a compilation of several related dance styles, such as tap, ballet, African-American and traditional Caribbean, which has emerged into its own unique, exciting style. Jazz History The history of Jazz... View Article

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