Company Programs

Grow with us!

We are a place to grow. We are about supporting dancers and recognizing their potential both as artists and as people. This starts with acknowledging where each individual is at, and unlocking a training path to nuture their full potential.
Our pre professional training is for the committed dancer that is looking for a balance of technical styles with high caliber faculty and guest choreographers.

Advanced Auditions
Our auditions are specifically designed for dancers of all ages and ability levels.

Preschool classes are the youngest dancers first opportunities to gain independence, not only participating without a guardian in the classroom, but are encouraged to change and tie their own shoes in Ballet/Tap Combo classes.

We strive to keep our class sizes small (4-13 students) so that each dancer can receive the individual attention they deserve! Classes include progressive technical instruction, creative improve and learning the ability to retain choreography.

Then it's time to perform! With practice and commitment, dancers build the confidence to perform with their group in a full theatre setting with costumes, lights and a cheering audience. Dancers enrolled in the full year dance season (Sept - June) and half year (Jan - June), pending space availability, participate in the year end show. Preschool dancers have the flexibility to enroll in half year sessions (Sept - Dec) and (Jan - June).