Dance Classes and More From The Landing Dance Centre

December 11, 2019 at 5:00 AM
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For over a decade, The Landing Dance Centre has served as one of the hubs of the Vancouver area dance community. 

That said, The Landing is about so much more than dance classes. We want to build and develop a dance community that supports the aspirations of our students and others who love the thrill and excitement of modern and contemporary dance.

Our classes form the core of what we do, but our love of dance and appreciation of our students define who we are.

Who We Are

Our team of dedicated faculty, staff, and administrators at The Landing Dance Centre work to create fun, informative, and active dance education opportunities for our students. We draw from a diverse array of backgrounds and families and encourage each to share their own versions of dance inspiration.

Each class is designed to instill the basic fundamentals of different dance styles while also encouraging pursuit of more complex forms and techniques.  

We also strive to encourage all of our dance participants to both enjoy the zest of individual competition while also incorporating teaching of teamwork and sportsmanship. While we want all of our students to succeed when in competition, how they conduct themselves in victory or loss is as important, if not more so.

Our Course Overview

We offer a selection of dance classes crafted for all ages and levels of experience. These include:

  • Preschool classes for ages 3-5
  • General classes for ages 5+
  • ISTD Ballet and Modern dance for ages 5+
  • Advanced dance training for ages 7+

Within our collection of general classes, we offer seven different options to focus on learning a specific dance style and each of these classes provides a solid foundation from which to learn. We also encourage our students to train in different genres, especially while young, to build a strong background of dance knowledge and experience.


Our team of instructors teaches the fundamentals of this timeless art. We provide instruction in both the classical techniques as well as incorporate modern ballet in training. We welcome everyone from beginners and youth to older and more experienced practitioners.

Tap Dancing

Students who want to follow in the footsteps of tap legends, such as Gregory Hines and Gene Kelly, will find great opportunities to learn from our specialized instructors here at the Landing. Our faculty will guide students on how to combine together sound, music, and movements. They can learn the timeless techniques while being encouraged to branch out and to discover their own individual styles.


As a high energy genre of dance, jazz takes the inherent energy of this powerful style of music and infuses it into dance. Dive into the many forms of this lively music while learning how to adapt dance techniques to the power of jazz. Over and above learning the style of dance, many find jazz to be the perfect cardio workout.


Our more untamed and creative dancers often enjoy the liberating latitude of style and technique found in modern dance. We teach both basic and advanced techniques, such as contact-release, fall and recovery, and much more.


Developed during the mid-20th century, this dance style offers bold movements and free expressions. It combines jazz, modern, and ballet for a unique, exciting rhythm and feel all its own.


This style of dance demands the distinctiveness of classical dance techniques combined with advanced levels of acrobatic athletic ability. Acro provides an ideal example of precision combined with power to create a unique and incredible experience for dancers and audiences alike.


One of our most popular styles, hip-hop uses moves inspired by urban rhythms and street dance generally performed to hip-hop music.

Please reach out to us today to learn more about our variety of classes and contributions to the Vancouver dance community. We offer trial classes for parents and dancers to experience what it’s like to be a part of our dance family. That way you can try another level, day or genre, meet our experienced group of teachers, and get a sense of how we operate.