How to Find the Best Ballet Academy in Vancouver

February 2, 2022 at 11:00 PM
Image of a dancer who trained at a ballet academy in Vancouver.

Ballet is a way to unlock expression through movement. Finding the right ballet academy in Vancouver is essential to realizing your potential as an artist, whether you’re an adult beginner, looking for preschool classes, or ISTD exam training. With so many options for dance studios and training programs, it’s easier than ever to find the ideal place where you feel nurtured as an artist. The right academy will help you leave your comfort zone and reach new accomplishments. When you’re touring ballet academies in Vancouver, consider these factors to find the place where you’ll flourish as a dancer.

Connections with the teachers

Progressing as a dancer requires leaving your comfort zone and tackling new challenges. But it’s impossible to grow without feeling supported and guided by your instructor. The most crucial step in selecting a ballet academy in Vancouver is to tour the studio and participate in a trial class.

Trial classes give you a chance to experience the kind of instruction you’ll receive once you become a student. Taking a few trial classes allows you to work with different teachers to see if you can connect with them.

Black Swan performance live at Immerse in 2017.

Structured programs to achieve your dance goals

The most critical part of choosing a ballet academy in Vancouver is finding one to help you structure a program to set and achieve dance goals. Regardless of your priorities, a structure can help you achieve excellence, from intro classes for a preschooler to beginner classes for adults and intensive training programs for the ISTD exams.

At The Landing Dance Center, get support to incorporate dance training into all aspects of your life for intuitive, authentic artistic expression.

Class variety

An essential part of holistic ballet training is incorporating other movement styles such as modern, contemporary, and jazz. By experiencing novel dance styles with new teachers, you have an opportunity to develop your personal style.

Even if your dance focus is ballet, modern and contemporary classes can reinvigorate your training, renew your love of dance, and elevate your technique. The Landing Dance Center believes in building personalized, holistic programs for every student.

Qualified and experienced instruction

A crucial part of ballet training is the faculty from whom you’re learning. Every other aspect of a Vancouver ballet academy pales compared to the instruction you receive in the studio. Consider the qualifications and experience of instructors––not just those from whom you’re directly learning, but the entire faculty.


Artistic values

When you train at a Vancouver ballet academy, you’re learning more than just technique; you’re learning how to become an artist through movement. To find an academy where you’ll thrive, consider their artistic values, not just those that align with yours, but those that may push you out of your comfort zone to a new potential.

At The Landing Dance Center, our values include:

  • Individual and personal growth
  • Cultivating a legacy of standing for what’s right in the world
  • Collaboration to achieve new heights
  • High-caliber professional training
  • Personal integrity and respect in and out of the studio
  • Creative expression without bounds

Discover value-driven ballet training at The Landing Dance Center.

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The Landing Dance Center’s top priority is to support dancers in recognizing their full potential as dancers, artists, and people. To achieve those goals, we use a whole-person approach to training to develop personalized programs for students. At The Landing Dance Center, students cultivate a lifelong love of dance and learning while building the habits necessary for ongoing improvement and achievement. Discover classes for dancers from preschool to adults. We specialize in helping our students build the confidence they need to leave their comfort zone in ballet, contemporary, and modern dance.

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