Give the gift of dance this holiday with classes at The Landing Dance Centre

December 7, 2020 at 6:00 AM
Photo of a dance class at The Landing Dance Centre

If you find yourself struggling with gift ideas for the holidays, consider giving the gift of dance. Whether your loved one is an experienced dancer or just wants to try something different, there are classes for everyone at our dance centre in Vancouver, BC.

No matter the age, your loved one might appreciate the benefits of dance lessons or classes. With an investment in their dance future, they will have a chance to perform, and they’ll build extra confidence, creativity, and exercise. Growth is one of our core values at The Landing Dance Centre. Dance is a journey, and the pursuit to improve never ends.

Dance benefits those of any age group

Dance is a fun way to build creativity and collaboration at any age. Has your child expressed an interest in dance? Let them express their desire to dance and be more active by enrolling them in dance classes. The Landing Dance Centre has classes for dancers at any age or skill level. Dancing incorporates movement, exercise, and social skills into your child’s schedule.

Dancing can improve the health and the quality of life for your older children or loved ones, too. By encouraging your friends and family to dance through your gift to them, they’ll benefit from the many associated health and social outcomes. No matter the age, dancing provides a full cardio workout, perfect for people of all ages who are lately staying at home and being more inactive.

Additionally, both children and adults benefit from dance through improved muscle tone, coordination, flexibility, endurance, and self-esteem. After a few months of dance classes, they will start to see outcomes and noticeable improvements. What is a better way to start the new year than making both physical and mental improvements through dance?

Our classes

The Landing Dance Centre is proud to offer all dancers, regardless of age or skill level, a wide variety of dance classes designed to help dancers grow within our dance community. By instilling a love of dance, our professional training develops dancers both inside and outside the studio. With the gift of dance lessons or classes, your loved one will receive artistic training that develops self-confidence and positivity.

Our preschool classes offer young dancers a chance to start their dance experience on the right foot. For toddlers on the move, our dance classes introduce basic physical coordination, rhythm, and interacting skills. We offer several classes for dancers of that age group, including baby ballet, combo ballet and tap, and hip hop.

Our general classes are accessible to dancers 5 and up, where they will explore the fun of dance and learn the importance of structure, technique, and teamwork. Our small classes give dancers individual attention and progressive technical instruction. Through our general classes, your loved one’s creativity, confidence, time management, and learning ability will improve. We offer general classes in acro, ballet, contemporary dance, hip hop, jazz, tap, and modern.

For experienced dancers, you can gift your loved ones with one of our advanced dance classes. Our advanced classes offer the training to grow into a committed dancer’s full potential, where they will experience technical styles and instruction from high caliber faculty and guest choreographers. Learn more about our advanced dance classes.

Why choose The Landing Dance Centre?

Since 2008, The Landing Dance Centre supports dancers and recognizes their potential to grow as artists and as people. While we focus on Contemporary and Modern techniques, we teach our dancers to challenge themselves and learn through the exploration of various classes and performance opportunities.

Our dances achieve by following the foundation of our core values that inspire professionalism, teamwork, and excellence. We believe dancers can achieve greatness by continuing to make improvements through a never-ending pursuit of growth as dancers and people. We want our dancers to own who they are by creating a legacy of courage and strength.

Through collaboration, we believe the best work comes from learning from others through partnership with each other. Our high-caliber training and professionalism make us who we are so our dancers can achieve their best potential. We achieve this with integrity through our actions inside and outside the studio.

Consider giving the gift of dancing this holiday season to inspire growth and creativity. You could unlock someone’s greatest potential as a dancer. Contact us for our in-studio availability!