The Landing Dance Centre: A New Chapter in the History of Vancouver Professional Dance

May 11, 2020 at 4:00 AM

The Landing Dance Centre is a leading dance company where dancers come together to train, grow and achieve their full potential. At our professionally designed facility in Vancouver, British Columbia, we’re building on the foundations of Canada’s rich professional dance history. 

A Brief History of Professional Dance in Canada

Long before the first European settlers arrived on Canada’s shores, Aboriginal dancers were already using dance as a form of social, religious and ritual expression. However, the modern history of dance in Canada begins with the arrival of European immigrants in the 16th century. In particular, immigrants from France and Britain brought social dances with them to Canada, and from the mid-18th century local dance teachers were operating in Canada’s main colonial settlements.

As settlers continued to immigrate to Canada from all over the globe, traditional European and Japanese dance forms mingled with newer contemporary forms. This international fusion of the traditional and the contemporary lay the foundation of Canada’s professional dance industry.

The art of professional dancing has evolved over time to include many of the current forms we know and love today: ballet, hip-hop, tap and jazz.

Modern dance companies first began appearing in the 1940s, with professional ballet companies following shortly after in the 1950s. Canada’s first modern-dance festivals took place in the early 1960s and Canadian universities began teaching dance from 1970.

Canada’s multicultural professional dance industry has continued to flourish in the 21st century, and the Landing Dance Centre is proud to be a part of it. Building on the rich heritage of Canada’s dance history, we offer a range of ballet, tap, jazz, modern, contemporary, Acro and hip-hop programs to suit every level.

The Landing Dance Centre – How It All Began

We first opened the doors of our dance facility in Vancouver, British Columbia in the summer of 2008. Our contemporary programs proved extremely popular, so it wasn’t long before we decided to set up our Advanced Division.

Then, in 2010, we broadened our range of classes and programs to offer dance training to individuals of all levels and abilities.

By 2014, the Landing Dance Centre had expanded into the incredible purpose-built 8,700-square-foot facility we occupy today, with no fewer than eight dance studios dedicated to our wide range of modern and traditional dance programs.

This Is What Sets Us Apart

When we first opened the Landing Dance Centre in 2008, we built our company on a solid foundation of professionalism, teamwork and excellence. These core values are what set us apart from the competition, allowing us to offer a unique teaching experience to ambitious dancers in the Vancouver area. Here’s what they mean for you:

  • Professionalism: All of our dance instructors are certified by the Imperial Society of Teachers Dancing (ISTD). Our staff take pride in delivering a professional teaching service of the highest calibre. We want to see our dancers grow and reach their full potential, which is why we provide challenging educational opportunities, bespoke artistic training and valuable feedback at a personal level. You can find out more about our instructors here.
  • Teamwork: We know that great art comes from thoughtful collaboration, which is why our programs encourage dancers to work together, learn from each other and build exciting creative partnerships both in their studies and in the future.
  • Excellence: At the Landing Dance Centre, we look at every dancer’s individual story in order to help them reach their full potential. We use both traditional and contemporary techniques to challenge our dancers and encourage them to step outside their comfort zone in order to achieve excellence.