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Importance Of Proper Dance Attire

Now that you have decided which dance class your child is going to take, you must now prepare them to dress the part.

There are many dance classes that allow freedom of choice in dance attire, but most reputable dance studios will have specific dress codes in place for their dance students. You should check with your dance instructor to find out what the clothing requirements are before attending the first class.

Proper Dance Attire

Although the style of dance wear varies according to the different dance types, it is important that the garments are made with lightweight, breathable, stretchy fabrics which provide dancers with comfort and freedom of movement.


Proper dance attire for ballet includes a leotard, wrap-around ballet skirt, tights and ballet slippers. Dance Attire For TapLeotards can be long-sleeved, short-sleeved or sleeveless and come in a range of colours, (most commonly pink and black), depending upon the requirements of the ballet class dress code. Dance wear should fit properly; tights and leotards should be tight fitting, but comfortable, and not be loose or baggy.


Although often allowing for more freedom in colour choices and styles, Jazz dance essentials generally consist of a leotard with tights or form fitting top with jazz pants, and comfortable, soft leather dance shoes. Jazz pants are often black, form fitting at the top and slightly flared at the bottom.

Modern, Hip Hop & Other Dance Styles

Dance clothes for other dance forms are not traditional in style but do follow the basic elements of dance wear such as consisting of comfortable and breathable fabrics. Modern or lyrical dance attire will likely include a leotard or form fitting top, footless tights or tight, stretchy pants. Hip hop dance students often have the freedom to wear baggier, loose fitting clothes. Many modern dance students choose to wear a foot thong, while hip hoppers might opt for runners.

Again, specific dance wear requirements may be in place at your dance studio and the best thing to do is check with the instructor before classes commence.

Dance Bag & Accessories

For practical purposes, having a bag to carry your dance items is essential for keeping the items organized, but can also add an element of fun to the dance experience. Dancers love to show off that they dance and there are so many fun ways to do this. The dance bag can be embellished with charms, embroidered with the name of the dance studio or the dancer’s name etc. Hair clips, key chains, travel mugs, jewelry, and so many other items can also provide you with a keepsake to show the world that you love to dance!

Tip: If you are just starting out with dance it might be a good idea to opt for inexpensive or even second hand dance wear. Because the dance wear is generally tight fitting, children grow out of it very quickly, which means you can find second hand items in excellent condition, with very little wear.

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