Everything you need to know about online dance classes for kids

July 5, 2022 at 7:00 AM
A boy taking online dance classes.

The Internet has simultaneously shrunk the world and expanded our possibilities. No one is more attuned to this than children. In light of COVID and the prevalence of online schooling, taking classes online has become the norm, and its efficacy is virtually undeniable. No matter what you want to learn, being in a physical classroom is no longer necessary, which also goes for dance. Here is everything you need to know about online dance classes for kids:

What are online dance classes for kids?

Virtual dance lessons are an opportunity for your children to learn and refine dance skills from the comfort of your home.

With online classes, your child can learn the same styles and techniques as in person, no matter their experience level. Led by professional choreographers with extensive experience, your children experience a constructive and positive online setting.

As a more accessible and affordable alternative, your child can receive individual intensive attention or learn with a group of other kids while instructors offer real-time feedback. To prepare, ensure your child has appropriate clothing and all necessary equipment.

Signing up requires paying the fee, downloading or ensuring you have access to the video chatting software, joining the lesson for your child, and giving them space to learn.

Why should you consider virtual dance classes for kids?


Scheduling activities for your children can be complicated. Between work and other commitments, it can feel like there isn’t enough time in the day to shoehorn in another activity, especially when you have no control over scheduling.

Online dance classes for kids enable you to schedule classes at your convenience and still receive world-class instruction, and they eliminate the hassle of having to leave your home and drive long distances to arrive at a studio on time.

Fewer limitations

Receiving premier instruction used to require living in or near major metropolitan centers and attending brick-and-mortar facilities.

For exceptional instruction, parents and children had to travel long distances if they didn’t live near a studio. With online classes, your children enjoy the best lessons from anywhere in the world and actualize their full potential.

The accessibility of online dance classes also ensures your kids always work with the teachers you prefer and even international artists who may live thousands of miles away.


Many assume online classes require sacrificing community, but virtual lessons offer the same opportunities to network and connect.

For kids, communicating via phones and computers is like their first language. Whether they are participating in chats or forums about the lessons and dance or interacting directly with instructors, students can receive the same opportunities to network and connect remotely.

The community is also more diverse, and online lessons are an opportunity for your child to learn from people of different backgrounds and cultures.


Online dance lessons also enable your kids to learn from the comfort of your home, which can be invaluable for children who are just starting and feel intimidated by classes with more experienced kids.

By enabling your kids to work at their pace and where they feel most comfortable, you are setting them up for optimized learning and success.

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If your children want to dance but attending physical classes is unfeasible, online dance classes for kids are an excellent alternative. Whether you are looking for supplemental instruction or an introduction to the artform, virtual lessons can help with all that and more. For 12 years, The Landing Dance Centre has been Canada’s premier virtual dance lesson provider. Our passion is helping kids grow and actualize their potential while instilling a love of learning. Schedule a free lesson to sample The Landing Dance Centre experience!