How to Prepare for an Audition for an Advanced Dance Program

July 15, 2020 at 4:00 AM
we help your preapre for your advanced program auditions

Advanced dance auditions can be a source of excitement, eagerness, and stress. After all, making the leap from a program you’ve mastered to one that will expose you to new techniques and unfamiliar challenges can be a lot to take in. Like other endeavors, the more you train, the less stressful the audition will be.

But how you prepare for your advanced program’s audition is just as important as how you prepare. The Landing Dance Centre can help you train for your audition so you can perform with the confidence and skill you need. We help Vancouver students whose love for and dedication to dance radiate to hone their talents and nurture their passions through an encouraging and educational environment. Here’s how we can help you prepare.

We Help You Hone Your Talent and Advance as a Dancer

It’s one thing to receive professional instruction and grow as a dancer, but it’s another to enter the studio with a passion to learn and advance to the next level. Each instructor at the Landing Dance Centre has the training and expertise to assist you with the former but, as a dancer, your passion and dedication to your craft are what will propel you onto the next level.

When you trust us with helping you or your child advance take their dancing talents, you can be sure that all instructors act with the professionalism needed to provide advanced instruction. Each is certified by the Imperial Society of Teachers Dancing (ISTD). This distinction enables us to provide unparalleled classes and programs to help dancers of all levels progress at a steady pace, preparing them for their next chapter.

Because each instructor is ISTD-certified, our ISTD program is the perfect place to begin and nurture a love for Imperial Classical Ballet. This course is for ambitious dancers between ages five and 18 who are interested in and dedicated to the technical, classical training.

Our ISTD program requires dancers’ passions guide their commitment to this challenging and rewarding program, enabling them to grow and excel in their love of dance. This program will help all participants prepare for any advanced auditions they have that are in line with the techniques taught in our ISTD program.

And because our program accommodates a wide range of dancers and skill levels, our dancers have the opportunity to take up to three classes per week once they gain the foundations and elemental techniques required to participate in more advanced courses. All new enrollees will begin with a class once per week, but may begin taking more once they demonstrate that they have mastered the essentials.

But before students can begin, each will take a placement class to determine which class will be most beneficial to their talents and needs. We offer annual auditions for our ISTD Ballet & Modern Program—and each year, we add new, excited students to our evergrowing dance centre.

Come Dance with Landing Dance Centre

If you’re ready to advance your dance talents or help your child prepare for their advanced dance auditions, reach out to us today to learn more.