Q. What Should My Child wear to Dance Class, and is there a dress code?

A. The Landing Dance Centre expects ALL Recreational and Advanced Division Dancers to observe the dress code that is in place. Clothing that is form fitting so that instructors can see your child’s alignment and how their muscles are working. You can’t go wrong with a basic black leotard and pink ballet tights! Depending on the genre, dancers may also wear form fitting shorts or leggings and boys may wear t-shirts. Please also refrain from wearing earrings, rings, necklaces, watches while in the studios If you are not sure what to wear to your class, please refer to our Recreational Dress Code for more information.

Q. I didn’t start dancing when I was 3 years old like some of my other friends – Will I be behind if I’m starting years later?

A. No Way! Now, more than ever, dancers are starting at every age – we’re talking ages 3-65. We’re working to keep up with the wave of new dancers, so if there’s something you’d like you start learning, let us know. If there’s enough interest, we’ll do what we can to put a class together. Regardless of your age, all dancers need to be smart about the limitations of their own bodies – nobody knows you better than you, so listen to what it is telling you. Contact The Landing Dance Centre for more information about the exciting dance opportunities that we offer year round

Q. What happens if I don’t fit into the skill level that I have registered for?

A. Because each dancer has an individual learning style and speed, your instructor may speak with you if they feel that you could benefit from a different level. You are also welcome to talk to your instructor if you feel that the level is not suitable for you, ad we can make the necessary arrangements. We’re here to help you get the most out of your dancing!

Q. Do Recreational Division dancers have an opportunity to perform?

A. Absolutely! Each year, our Recreational Division dancers perform is our year-end showcase “Dance Vancouver!” Although this performance is not mandatory within the Recreational Division, it is highly encouraged as this is such an exciting opportunity to be on stage to build confidence and friendships with their fellow dancers.

Q. I have forgotten an important date on the Dance Season Calendar, were can I find a Dance Season Calendar

A. The Landing Dance Centre’s “Dance Season Calendar” is available 24/7 on our website. Please contact The Landing Dance Centre if you are unsure how to obtain it or need more information.

Q. Is there a kitchen at The Landing Dance Centre?

A. The Landing Dance Centre is equipped with a Kitchen! The Kitchen supplies a fridge/freezer, sink and microwave. We also have a kitchen table for our dancers to use during their break to eat. Dancers and family members may use the microwave and refrigerator in the kitchen – please bring your own utensils. Water bottles are encouraged to have in the studios. IMPORTANT: Please note and observe that some dancers and instructors have serious allergies and The Landing Dance Centre has a PEANUT-FREE policy.

Q. Is it too late to register for the Current Recreational Division Dance Season?

A. The Landing Dance Centre accepts Recreational Division Registration from June-October. The Recreational Division Dance Season runs from September-June with “Dance Vancouver!” to close out the year. If you are interested in starting classes in January, please Contact the studio to make arrangements.

Q. My dancer is going to be late to dance class, Does this matter?

A. The Landing Dance Centre asks that all dancers are on time and ready to go when they walk in to their classes. Warm up is an integral part of class. In order for dancers to achieve consistent improvement, regular attendance is essential. The building of necessary memory and muscle aptitude and strength requires excellent attendance. If dancers are unable to dance due to injury, we encourage students to watch class so they will not fall behind.

Q. Should My Dancer come to dance class if he/she is Not Feeling well?

A. To avoid the spread of illness to other dancers, families and instructors, please keep your dancer home from dance if he/she displays symptoms such as excessive coughing, runny nose, fever, vomiting, or has a suspected or known communicable disease (ie. Pink eye, flu, rash or skin infection, gastrointestinal illness, head lice etc.) If your dancer is going to be absent, please email admin@thelandingdance.com Please include in your email your dancers’s name, class and instructor’s name.

Q. How Do I create the perfect Ballet Bun?

A. For information on creating the perfect Ballet Bun, Dancers & Parents are asked to review our Ballet Bun Instructions, or or watch a Ballet Bun Instructional Video for more information.

Q. My Dance Shoes are Dirty, How do I clean them Properly?

A. Canvas shoes can be washed in a Regular washing machine on cold water. Dry on low in a regular dryer only until the shoes are slightly damp. Put the shoes on your feet to finish drying, this way the shoes will form to your feet.

Q. I’ve Lost my dance leotard, Do you have a Lost & Found?

A. Yes, we do have a Lost & Found. The Lost & Found is located in the Study, and left behind items that have not been claimed are donated to local charities each Summer. To best avoid this situation, Names should be clearly printed on all dance wear, particularly shoes. Dancers are asked to keep the change area tidy. Please put all bags on the shelves, hang up coats and put shoes under the bench. Please do not leave valuables in the change room or unattended. The Landing Dance Centre is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Q. Are there lockers to store my personal belongings while I am in dance class?

A. We have lockers that are assigned at the beginning of the dance season to our Advanced Division Program Dancers. These dancers are dancing at The Landing Dance Centre a minimum of three days a week. If there are any lockers left over, a locker request form can be filled out and handed in to the front desk. Dancers are expected to use their own lock if any and must inform the studio of the lock combination. Locker request forms are available starting in September of each year. Additionally, The Landing Dance Centre has cubby space to use in our girls and boys change rooms. These cubby spaces are available to all dancers.

If you still have unanswered questions, please feel free to check our Advanced Division FAQ’s or Contact Us