How to stay in shape with virtual dance classes - a guide to online dance school

November 16, 2020 at 6:00 AM
photo is of a women in a home setting attending dance school online with a young girl.

If you’re not ready to get back to in-person dance classes, you can still get a whole-body dance workout and stay in shape at home with online dance school. Stay in shape, become stronger, and improve your balance and coordination all from the comfort of your own home through virtual dance classes.

Online dance classes are becoming more popular and can be a great supplement to live training. We built an online dance school that offers the same top-notch instruction you've come to expect from us.

Do you want to avoid boredom at home? Take this opportunity to practice outside of the studio. This is your guide to staying in shape with virtual classes through online dance school.

Create a dedicated dance environment

You don’t have to add a whole dance studio to your home, but participating in consistent online dance classes requires a dedicated dance space to prevent injuries. Even if you don’t have a lot of space, there are common areas that are often clear enough to practice. Living rooms, garages, and even the corner of a room are good options for an established dance area.

For certain dance techniques, you may need a firm barre for support. We suggest using a free-standing barre unless your space allows for a wall mounted barre. While not required to successfully stay in shape with online dance classes, installing a dance mat or dance tiles may help you improve your at-home studio space.

Warm up and cool down

Just like in the studio, an effective warmup is essential to prevent injuries and improve overall performance. Dancers taking online classes should warm up with stretch exercises that include each of the major joints, including elbows, wrists, shoulders, ankles, hips, knees, and spine for several minutes, along with breathing exercises. Before you start dancing, you should feel warm and energized. Speed up recovery and prevent muscle soreness by slowing your movements towards the end of your class. The cool down process should include slow stretches and normal breathing.

Stay consistent

Stay consistent with your dance schedule to stay in shape. Dancing at home challenges your discipline, but also gives you the opportunity to improve it. You can achieve this by setting goals, making a schedule, and following through. Fill up your calendar with cross-training sessions that incorporate stretching, core strength, and endurance.


One of our core values at The Landing Dance Centre is collaboration. We believe that our best work comes from partnership, and we learn by working together as individuals. Try to schedule online dance classes with a dance friend or someone who can hold you accountable as dance partners. Collaborating with a fellow dancer while taking online dance classes can help you make improvements and keep you committed. With the power of technology, your dance partner can coordinate with you via the internet, so you’ll be able to dance together in your own homes if you’d like.

Online dance school can improve your mental strength

Dancing is a form of both physical and mental exercise. While in general it helps improve mental strength, dancing in the environment of your own space through online dance school can reduce stress and boost your confidence, reducing feelings of anxiety or depression. Dancing requires you to challenge yourself. Your brain responds well to your movement as you focus on the consistent recollection of moves and patterns. This can improve your memory and the ability to think in your environment.

One of our values at The Land Dance Centre is to push dancers to challenge themselves creatively to their fullest potential. We want our dancers to increase technical mastery while expressing a full range of emotions and creative fulfillment. We believe this type of mental strength builds self awareness, resilience, and overall growth.

We’ve been in business for over 12 years and know how important it is to adapt when things go off track. As a dance community, we want you to continue practicing the art of dance, even if it’s from your own home.

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