Summer Advanced Programs


Intensive Senior
Monday August 22 - Friday August 26, 2023
Dancers 10+ | Full-Day, 9:00am-4:00pm

Our Summer Intensive is made specifically for experienced and serious dancers ready to continue training on their artistry and form.

Who we'd love to dance with:

  • current & inspiring dancers in ALL Company programs
  • current & inspiring dancers in the Senior Performance program
  • current & inspiring dancers in Intermediate & Senior Spotlight programs
  • dancers with 3+ year of experience in a combination of genres
  • dancers who are 10 year of age by the start of the intensive
  • dancers who want to be challenged, motivated by learning new technique and skills and inspired by Guest Faculty
  • dancers who are intrigued to learn about genre origins and history, physiology and safe training, and sports psychology
  • dancers who want to learn about self and student choreography, musical selection, phrasing and developing concepts

Snack and lunch breaks will be scheduled. Dancers are to bring their own snacks, lunch and water. LDC is a peanut-free facility.


*All 23-24 Landing Dance Centre Advanced Program Dancers must train at LDC during the summer. Advanced Programs include: Future & Rising Stars!, Stars!, Mini, Junior, Intermediate & Senior Spotlight, Senior Performance, Pre-Company and Mini, Junior, Int B, Intermediate & Senior Company programs.