Summer Dance Programs for High School Students

April 7, 2021 at 4:00 AM
This is an image of a someone in a summer dance program for high school students.

As summer approaches and students get a break from their studies, a summer dance program may be just the thing teens need to stay active, focused, and ready for the year ahead. That’s why summer dance programs for high school students are such a wonderful way to maintain their dance practice even when school is out for the year.

To keep competitive, dancers must keep honing their craft all year round. Even though summer is a time to relax and take a break, it’s also crucial for professionals to continue learning and perfecting dance. That’s why summer dance programs for high school students intensify their practice and allow dancers to grow and develop their talents under the guidance of teachers in an inspiring environment.

Our Summer Programs

We offer many summer programs for dancers of all ages, but our summer dance programs for high school students are specifically formulated to provide professional technical training and help motivated dancers excel. Taught by our artistic faculty, which is comprised of many experienced and passionate professional dancers and dance educators, our summer programs encourage dancers to build on their knowledge.

We offer two programs for high school-aged students:

Workshop Series

Our workshop series are offered in the tap, jazz, hip hop, and acro categories. Dancers will take part in a 3-day masterclass that will enhance their skills and prepare them for the upcoming season as a competitive dancer.

Summer Intensives

Our Summer Intensive program is made specifically for experienced and serious dancers who have a minimum of 3 years of experience.

We offer intermediate classes for dancers aged 13-15 and seniors aged 16 and above. This 4-day program focuses on perfecting previously learned techniques and elevating dancers’ artistry and form. Due to the availability and focus of our staff, our summer intensive program is invite-only for dancers ages 10 and up.

When to Sign Up?

Summer dance programs for high school students can be competitive and difficult to get into. Registrations usually open in early May and spots tend to fill up very quickly. Our registration opening date is May 1st. Because our summer programs for older students are intense and focused, we tend to keep class sizes small so that teachers can dedicate their attention to each and every student. We recommend booking a trial class before registrations open on May 1st to see if our dance centre is right for you.

Types of Dance

We offer acro, ballet, contemporary, hip hop, jazz, and tap classes during our summer programs. Students may focus on one discipline or expand their skills and participate in both of our summer programs.

Why Landing Dance Centre?

From our professional and dedicated artistic faculty to our world-class, 2880 sq. ft. dance facility, we exist to serve dancers and their art. We inspire dancers to push themselves towards new horizons. Our summer programs for high school students are designed to advance seasoned dancers who aim to take their careers to the next level and pursue dance in a professional capacity. We believe summer is the perfect time to intensify your professional practice without the added pressure of school and other extracurricular activities.