The Benefits of Studying at The Landing Dance Centre

October 10, 2022 at 4:00 AM
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Children learn a lot of life lessons in extracurricular activities. Whether it be discipline, tenacity, teamwork or creativity, there are plenty of values your kids can pick up by doing team sports. Some commonly known sports are karate, soccer, football and baseball. And while you may not know it, dance class also encourages these kinds of values.

Here at the Landing Dance Centre, we believe in helping our students grow. Our dance school offers ample learning opportunities, especially for children who are in developmental stages. There are plenty of benefits from studying at The Landing Dance Centre, but here are a few we think parents and caretakers will appreciate the most.

Motor skills and posture

Developing motor skills early on is crucial to proper development. And ballet, tap, jazz and modern dance all help participants hone and craft their motor skills. Dance also encourages good posture, which can help combat spine issues later on in life. While this may not seem important now, consider how often your child looks down at a phone or tablet; coming up with a plan to address their posture early on is always a good idea.

Work and reward

There’s nothing quite as satisying as seeing your hard work come to fruition. And in dance school, your child will be able to see their efforts pay off in real time. Children will learn the steps of each dance, practice alongside classmates and see the fruit of their labor as they perform. Under the tutiledge of our amazing instructors, they will have the guidance needed to set goals and work towards them, step by step.


Dance requires several kinds of focus; from memorizing steps to listening to music to following instructions from teachers, it demands attention. Children have multiple opportunities to focus on the lessons at hand and feel rewarded for it. And since dance is a physical activity, it can help your child hone in on kinetic learning skills, or learning by doing. This can help enhance their memory and learning skills, too.


Socializing is important for dancers of any age, but it’s crucial for children still in developmental stages. Being able to connect with other kids will help your child learn how to socialize and make friends. Whether they make friends for just one class, or stay connected for years to come, children with proper socialization skills can foster connection with collegues more easily in various aspects of their personal and professional lives.

While there are plenty of activities children can do, dance offers many benefits along with basic physical exercise and activity. From developmental skills to ongoing socialization and goal setting, dance class is a great place for your child to grow.

If you’d like to learn more about our various dance classes for kids and adults, contact us today! We can’t wait to see you in the studio.