Vancouver ballet school shares 5 ways ballet can help your child

January 7, 2021 at 8:00 AM

Ballet requires an incredible amount of discipline and athleticism, so it’s no surprise that it offers a host of benefits for growing minds and bodies. At the Landing Dance Centre, which is a leading ballet school in Vancouver, BC, we’re proud to see what our young students go on to achieve, both in and out of the dance studio. We’re sharing the top 5 ways that ballet can help your child:

1. Ballet is great for physical health

While it may look like ballet dancers are effortlessly gliding across the stage, that fluid motion is all thanks to hard work - and lots of it. Ballet is a physically intense form of exercise that requires strength, flexibility, and stamina.

With ongoing lessons, ballet can help shape your child into a stronger, healthier person as they grow older. Along with boosting overall physical health, ballet (and most forms of dance) can help your child perform better at sports and other school activities. Engaging in dance at a young age can also help children develop habits that help them stay active and healthy later.

2. Instills discipline and self-motivation

Like sports and many forms of dance, practice is essential for progressing. Ballet in particular is very structured, and certain dances require mastering the body in order to perform the necessary movements.

At our ballet school in Vancouver, we cultivate a strong sense of discipline and self-motivation in students to help them become better dancers. We often find that these qualities carry over into other areas of life, allowing them to succeed at academic studies and much more.

3. Imparts an appreciation for the arts

Ballet incorporates dance and music, and it exposes children to classical pieces that they may not have otherwise encountered. From a young age, ballet helps children develop an appreciation for the arts and expands their interests. This is important for helping children connect more deeply to the world around them, and for keeping them open-minded as they grow up.

4. Boosts social and emotional development

Dancing in general is a very social activity. During ballet classes, children learn the importance of teamwork while being able to uniquely express themselves in their own ways. This provides a healthy outlet that deepens their emotional awareness, and allows them to form lasting friendships.

Also, by progressing through various dances, children can develop self-esteem both individually and as a group. Our Vancouver ballet school challenges children to leave their comfort zone during classes and performances to build a sense of accomplishment. All of this is essential in helping children become well-adjusted, confident, and able to manage interpersonal relationships.

5. Encourages creativity

Dancing is all about self-expression. With a focus on contemporary and modern techniques, our ballet school in Vancouver pushes children to explore their creativity in a safe space. Creativity is not only helpful during artistic pursuits, but it can strengthen problem-solving skills and help children think critically.

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