What Should Your Child Bring to Ballet Classes for Kids?

March 13, 2022 at 6:00 AM

Whether you and your little one are preparing for a trial dance session or have a little experience with dance already, it’s a good idea to understand what’s best to bring along.

Having the right items helps ensure that your child can keep their focus, energy, and excitement on their actual dancing, rather than worrying about if they’re fully prepared.

The first few classes your child joins will be full of activity, and even if they already love to dance, starting anything new can sometimes be overwhelming. That’s why it's best to prepare beforehand, and to keep an open mind!

As your child attends more classes, learns more about dance and their own unique style, the better you both will understand exactly what they need for ballet classes for kids.

Ballet Attire

The goal of any ballet class for children is to first help stimulate a love for movement, while also teaching patience, teamwork, and proper technique.

Ballet is a disciplined and formal style of dance, but it’s important for your child to be able to express themselves and build confidence. So, helping your little one be at their best begins with making sure that they feel comfortable.

And even though you’ve seen a ballet leotard before, if your child is attending their very first session or two, you don’t have to rush out and find a proper one. Nor do you need to stress over ballet slippers yet (socks or bare feet are perfectly fine for the first few sessions)!

A simple outfit with snug, but not loose-fitting clothes is perfectly acceptable. Leggings and snug-fitting tops are a good choice. Their attire should not be restrictive, but also not too loose.

While loose-fitting clothing is often the most comfortable style of clothing, they make your child’s lines (the outline of their performing steps or poses) a little more challenging to read and guide. And we want your child to receive the best instruction possible!

Furthermore, loose-fitting clothing can sometimes cause someone to trip or fall.

And, providing your future dancer with one-on-one instruction that helps them learn, and engages them in the process, all begins with comfortable clothing. It’s often a good idea to let your child help choose their attire as well. This helps bring a sense of ownership, gives them an outlet for expression, and gets them excited about dance!

Ponytail or Bun?

If your little one has long hair, they’re going to want it tied up in either a ponytail, bun, or another style.

When you’re moving around, hair is going to cover your eyes and face and make it harder to perform. If your child doesn’t already know how to tie their hair up, this can be a great teaching moment.

Other Items, and How to Prepare Your Child for Ballet Classes for Kids

Water bottles and snacks can be good items to bring. Hydration is important for keeping your little one moving without getting too hot or worn out.

If your child's first dance class is coming up, it’s best to prepare a dance bag or backpack the day before. Try not to let your little one take anything out of the bag once it’s packed, and be sure to check it before you leave (unless you’re doing virtual).

Encourage them to bring an open mind, make it exciting, and let them know that they can ask their teachers any questions they might have!

The Landing Dance Centre: Where Journeys Begin

At the Landing Dance Centre, we emphasize growth. Through individualized instruction, collaboration with peers, and a space to express creativity, our goal is to help your child fall in love with dancing while learning more about who they are.

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