Why Your Little One Should Go to Dance School for Toddlers

March 3, 2021 at 12:00 AM

Like most parents, you may be thinking about what activities to enroll your toddler in to support their growth and development.

After teaching various forms of dance to toddlers at The Landing Dance Center, we’ve found dance school to be uniquely helpful and enriching to children at this age.

Here are some ways in which dance school for toddlers can help your child, both now and far into the future.

Improves health and fitness

By nature, toddlers tend to highly active. Dance school, however, gives them the chance to use that seemingly endless energy in ways that boost their health and fitness.

For one, dance is a form of exercise that involves the whole body. Through taking part in it, your toddler gains greater awareness of their body and their range of motion.

And they also increase their flexibility, physical strength, and stamina.

This fitness boost will serve your child well in other areas of their life, especially if you’re thinking of giving them an early start in sports, too. Other benefits such as improved balance and posture also come into play as your toddler branches out into other activities.

Plus, these are improvements that you can expect to remain for the long-term, particularly with continued practice.

Supports for cognitive development

Various aspects of dance school encourage the development of your toddler’s growing mind.

Learning techniques and routines provides a fun way to practise memorization and recall. At the same time, your toddler gets to sharpen their focus as they listen to instruction and perform.

Like the physical advantages, these are also benefits that serve as a foundation for your child’s future pursuits.

Increases confidence

As you’ve noticed, your child gets a strong sense of satisfaction from being able to do something new. Dance school is just the same. And because of the great breadth of actions and sequences that your toddler learns, that feeling is often much greater.

The confidence of learning a new skill gives your child the emotional reinforcement they need to grow in other areas. This can have an impact not only on their willingness to try other activities, but also on the way they relate to others.

Like anything worth learning, dance takes time and practice. But as your toddler realizes they’re getting better with each session, that will translate to greater confidence in their abilities and a willingness to persevere.

Promotes creativity

The self-expression that dance promotes offers your child a healthy outlet for their thoughts and emotions. As a result, this encourages them to channel their feelings and ideas in ways that are constructive.

Apart from dance alone, this benefit for your toddler is useful for other artistic activities they’ll be taking part in as they grow. And it’s a central part of the problem-solving skills they’ll need in their everyday lives.

Helps with socialization

Dance is a collaborative activity, so your child will get an early start to learning how to work with other people. In addition to learning how to listen to and understand the thoughts and opinions of others, your child also develops the ability to express theirs and come to mutual conclusions.

And they also develop a sense of trust and cooperation, which continues to assist them as they grow and enter other areas of life that rely on teamwork, sensitivity, and emotional intelligence.

Enrol your child in dance school for toddlers and empower their development

The Landing Dance Center introduces toddlers to the fulfilling world of dance, equipping them with skills that help improve their performance abilities and broader aspects of their unfolding lives. Contact us today to enroll your child in expert-delivered classes.